The Great Cheese Conspiracy book

The Great Cheese Conspiracy book


Jean Van Leeuwen

Fed up with the slim pickings in their movie-theater home, a gang of three mice, led by Merciless Marvin, decide to hit the Big Time and pull a heist on the Outside. The Target: a cheese store. After Marvin cases the joint, the mice figure the job will be a cinch. But life has a few surprises that Humphrey Bogart movies haven't prepared them for. Like, for instance, big black cats.

Here is Merciless Marvin's own action-packed account of the perilous exploits, escapades, and escapes of his gang as they attempt to make crime pay.

Jean Van Leeuwen, author of several books and short stories for children, lives with her husband in New York City where they have been known to patronize a palatial movie theater and a tiny cheese shop in their neighborhood.



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