Amber Grey, the owner of Tuk-Tuk Anouk, has worked with animals since childhood. At age two, her father lost her in London Zoo and she was found inside the tigers enclosure. At age five, similarly lost in a farm by her father, she was found in the pig pens covered in mud.
First announced over a lamb dinner in London at the age of four, she has been a vegetarian for almost thirty years. At age seven she went on to become a animal activist for PETA, handing out leaflets and petitioning banks that funded animal testing. On a notable occasion she sold all her toys and her sisters doll house to donate money for dolphins in need, eventually leading her to adopt Bubbles, a bottle nose dolphin, at age nine. 
Becoming disenchanted with the general condemnatory and sanctimonious attitude of her fellow 'animal lovers', Amber took the decision to take a quiet route to help the wilder creatures of the world. If you have met her, you probably wouldnt notice she doesnt eat meat, use animal products or spends a great deal of her time working at sanctuaries around the world.
Over the past decade, she has raised skunks, eagles, common mynas, puppies, kittens, bats, rabbits, owls, chipmunks, monkeys and one mysterious animal that seemed to be a combination of a few things, and worked with horses, leopards, elephants, turtle and wolf welfare around Europe, India and the USA. A portion of Tuk-Tuk Anouk profits will always benefit animals in whatever location Amber and Anouk find themselves. 
On this page you can read about her recent projects, discoveries and thoughts.