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Wig Worms and Time Travelling Stories

By Sheila and/or Amber, Oct 13 2016 02:30PM

I wrote this a little while ago for Uncle Adam, now its for Mr. Adam Rogers because I misplaced the most dapper (dapperist?) man in London´s handkerchief. So as a place holder here is a story!

Amber xx

The wig Worm

The Wig Worm works on Saville Row, 

He has the Midas Touch, 

For any head accouterments,

And gels and sprays and such

For Leroy's balding pate he made 

A splendid glowing crown

Of silky ocean seaweed hairs 

Of blue and black and brown

For Ronda's birthday party suit

He ordered fresh from France

Forty snails in every color 

Who on command would dance

His fame across the land did spread

For bouffants, quiffs and bobs, 

The wig worm is the only man! 

He’s always on the job! 

And then one day the shop bell rang 

A very merry tring! 

And in swept in the majestic pair

Of England's Queen and King

Oh Wig Worm! Sir! We come to you! 

Our heads need your attention

the biggest gala in the world! 

We need a wig invention! 

The wig worm bowed a noble bow,

And pulled out his tape measure

And wrapping round their royal brows

He whispered -it is my pleasure- 

But as soon as little wig worm sat 

He clutched his head in shock

He had developed from the pressure

The dreaded worm wig block! 

Oh what to do! Im simply stumped! 

His face dropped in despair 

With all this stress! I am a mess! 

Im pulling out my hair! 

Cecilia his trusty aid

Hearing his gloomy wail

Dusted off the time machine 

And prepared them to set sail

Fiddling with the time dial

She set 1701

¨well sort your little wig worm block!

And maybe have some fun!

the court of louis 14th!

the greatest wig formation!

Look about, without a doubt!

You'll find your inspiration!

And Wig worm with a heady grin

Almost fainted with the glee

Wigs and wiggles, perukes and plumes

As far as the eye could see

He waltzed right through the court

Taking in the scene

of powders, tufts and delightful ruffs

And everything in between

And day and night for two whole weeks

He sketched a built and made 

The most glorious of all his wigs

Shellacked in gold pomade

The Kings was crafted in the thread 

Of silk worms fed on tea

With owls to sing out every hour

In silver filigree

Upon the top was sat a rose

That wafted round the room

The smells of english gardens 

And summer in full bloom

The queens was made of diamond curls

And sunny daffodils

coated in blue robins eggs 

And peacock feather quills

With chandeliers filled with lights 

That twinkled like the stars 

And shot out little fire flies 

That lit the mens cigars 

And macaroons in every shade

Of pastel green and blue 

That fluttered round the palace grounds 

and fed the children too

Oh Wig Worm! Cried the queen aloud

We are just so delighted

The king pulled out his royal sword

Kneel Wig worm! To be knighted!

Oct 13 2016 04:07PM by Tristan

I want a story about me please thanks

Oct 13 2016 04:12PM by Jacob

How does your mind churn these out?!

Oct 13 2016 04:12PM by Jacob

I want to have a look in there

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