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Amber, Anouk, Sheila & Casper

Traveling and Adventuring....

By Sheila and/or Amber, Jan 30 2017 04:16AM

We have been off traveling this past forthnight without our phones and computers as we either smashed them accidentally or lost interest in them temporarily, so apologize to all our clients and customers trying to get in touch!

We are opening our new shop imminently as well as a few more very exciting projects coming soon too!

And this March Tuk-Tuk Anouk and co. will be doing a very long train journey with some beautiful compatriots: sourcing gems, fabric and artists before we head to our new home in May!

Anyone in New York can go see Miss Sheila at her other home for the last eight months at ABC Carpet and buy some unbelievable treasures!

Happy 2017 everyone xx

My human birthday candle
My human birthday candle

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