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Amber, Anouk, Sheila & Casper

Another Story by Amber over there

By Sheila and/or Amber, Sep 23 2016 06:06PM

Ambers in Goa busy with some new projects and writing new stories!

Heres a little one from the summer


Pocket sat and pocket slept 

And pocket wouldn't play

When all the other children came

Pocket could only to say

The games are tiring  My legs are sore

The grass is much too green

The Suns too hot the sky too blue 

The trees are just obscene

Pockets mum and pockets dad

Despaired at what to do 

Pocket just sits! He only sleeps! 

He's always got the flu

Pocket wailed out the window

Can't stand this prickly heat! 

And sat inside the fridge for hours 

Without a bite to eat

Then pockets mum and pockets dad 

Called up their uncle Diction 

Explaining the predicament

Of young pockets affliction 

Leave it to me dear uncle said 

And hummed a merry tune 

And from the trunk inside his bunk

Produced an air balloon 

We must set sail  my sullen lad

He said scooping up young pocket 

The wind picked up and lifting up 

They shot off like a rocket

It's going too fast! It's far too bright 

Young pocket cried aloud 

The ground is spinning out from me 

We're going to hit a cloud! 

I'm far too hot! The balloon will drop! 

As the fields went whizzing by

 past oceans, lands and bits of sand 

They flew across the sky

And gently stopped upon a rock 

As pocket blinked his eyes

The cold in the air just made him stare 

And my what a surprise! 

Nothing but white from here to there

From up to down to up, 

The air was crackling with the ice 

That covered every top 

What do you think my dearest lad

Uncle diction quietly asked 

It's quite alright pocket replied, 

As a polar bear strolled passed 

An man in fur came quietly up 

And took pocket by the hand 

And out the ballon he hopped

To explore the South Pole land 

Inside his house made of ice bricks

They dined on roasted fish 

And drank hot tea and buttered toast 

A most delicious dish 

And for the first time ever 

Amidst that icy wild 

Young pocket felt quite warm inside 

And finally he smiled

You see, said uncle to the young boy

Its really quite insane!

When you dont like your little life

To sit there and complain!

The world is full of magic lad

Theres places just for you!

Just step outside to see it all

Its the only thing to do!

Sep 24 2016 11:48AM by Tristan

Love it!

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