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Amber, Anouk, Sheila & Casper

Another Poem by Miss. Amber

By Sheila and/or Amber, Sep 13 2016 04:15AM

Ambers got another one finished! Have a look if you so please.....

Mr Pickles

Mr. Pickles was a gent who lived in a tree

A happy old soul, as happy as can be

With the mushroom stair case and the twizzle oak door

The acorn cup goblets, the springy moss floor

The fresh river bath and the starlight star lights

The dandelion clocks for the days and the nights

The hedgehog tea parties, the owl midnight feasts,

The constant companions of the birds and the beasts

But one day the bluebell doorbell rang out

And there stood a warden, so round and so stout

MR PICKLES, he bellowed, adjusting his tie

Its no way to live, you're a pig in a sty!

You need an apartment, you need a tv!

Internet shopping! A door with a key!

Microwave dinners! Convenience my friend!

This silly tree house life must surely now end!

And Mr Pickles, shocked, sat and pondered the words,

And looked sadly at all his beasts and his birds.

Is it true? he whispered, Do I need a laptop?

A blender, an iron, a self cleaning mop?

So he walked into town, and the townspeople snickered,

They scoffed and they whispered ´thats no city slicker! ´

You don't have a foot spa? A robot vacuum?

You don't have a hovercraft between every room?

You need these catalogs, coupons and savings!

To form the life you must be desperately craving!

TV Guides, Satalites, and subscriptions arrived,

Mr Pickles was shocked! Ive been so deprived!

Shoo Badger! Im busy! Out the door and be gone!

Its five minutes to seven, my soap operas on!

The popcorn maker popped out his treats

As Mr. pickles stacked up his gadget receipts

Money buys happiness! Im sure he said that!

As Mr PIckles adjsusted his electric tie rack

So why am I sad? And alone?! He pondered

Where is the wonderful life I have squandered?

And setting down his unversal tv remote

He cancelled the order for his super speedboat

And returning the tickets of the cruise around France

And the new credit card with the great cash advance

He unplugged the lamps and the new glimmer strings,

And tossed out the tools, the things! All the THINGS!

He threw out the mobile and drained out the pool

What a fool I have been! What an absolute fool!

His house was now empty of all the new goods,

So he whistled out loud for his friends of the woods

And up the path came the foxes, singing away,

The squirrels behind who were dancing ballet

The dormice were leaping away in the middle

Them up came badger, strumming a fiddle

The peregrine falcons dropped in for a spell

The mountain cats wildly playing the cowbell

Out came the oat cakes and the birch tree root beer

And little owl stood up and said with a cheer!

Mr Pickles our friend! You did lose your way!

To the modern convenience of doing nothing all day!

You're a jolly good fellow! He hiccuped out loud

You've thrown out your beeper, you've done us all proud!

You dont need the gizmos and bits and the bobs,

But the cheer of your friends and good food in your gob!

Mr Pickles softly laughed as the owl toppled over,

And sipping a drop of his draught of sweet clover,

Thank you Owl, for your beautiul words,

You are the most eloqunat of all of the birds!

And thank you my dears, for all coming back!

It turns out I ws taken completely off track!

I dont need the gizmos, the gadgets, the bits,

The soaps and the boats and the trendy outfits,

Just the simple pleasures of my tree and the sun,

And you, my friends, who just can't be outdone!

Sep 13 2016 04:25AM by Jonny

Damn Amber..

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