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Amber, Anouk, Sheila & Casper

A new book illustrated by Amber out now!

By Sheila and/or Amber, May 6 2017 03:38AM

It has been a little while since our last blog post, and quite a lot has happened!

Tuk-Tuk Anouk has a new swimsuit collection (more on that in our next post)

we have a beautiful collaboration with the wonderful Faircloth & Supply in California (more on that coming up too), we are now available in new locations in Kuwait, Australia and Italy (as well as our stalwart locations!), we will be travelling around the USA this summer with our new company Three Ring Martket AND owner Amber has illustrated a childrens book that is out now!

Have a look, it is written by the lovely Allison Weaver and her two daughters Oona and Leggy, all about magic and the power of imagination.

More hard copies will be available soon, you can currently buy the ebook on!

Three Moms and the Magical Manny by Alison Weaver, illustrated by Amber Grey!

Oona and Leggy, published authors in Tuk-Tuk Anouk. Photo by Sally Cohn
Oona and Leggy, published authors in Tuk-Tuk Anouk. Photo by Sally Cohn
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