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Amber, Anouk, Sheila & Casper

A Very Goan Halloween Trick or Treating....

By Sheila and/or Amber, Nov 1 2016 02:44PM

We took Anouk and Miss. Zoe trick or treating around Goa this weekend and it was unbeleivable how wonderful and generous everyone was, especially considering how Halloweeen, let alone trick or treating, was a completely foreign concept to most of the houses, churches, shops, florists, libraries and motorbike repair centres we visited....

Here is a little journal of our two days!

Starting in Arpora Junction

Beautiful Panjim with the sugar skull girls

Trick or treating the nuns......

Trick or treating the motorbike shack in Panjim

Lovely girls having a break in Panjim Inn

This fruit man was particularly entertained and gave us some lovely oranges......

Trick or treating the tuk tuks in Panjim

Trick or treating a book shop in Panjim

Anouk getting ready on the second day

Trip to the beach to wash off!

Plenty of cashews for Halloween treats!

Tattoo shop gave us 50 rupees!

Got given some marigolds from this lovely garden center

Assagao Church

Trick or treating this man, who had no idea what was going on but very sweetly gave us some sweets

Anouk not happy about the ten rupees Zoe got at this Assagao antique shop..

Trick or treating another little shack shop...

This lovely lady didnt have any sweeties but gave Anouk a bite of her chocolate cake!

This fisherman gave us a fish....

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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