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Welcome to the Tuk-Tuk Anouk Blog! Check in with us for news, updates, inspirations and ideas, as well as many many photos!

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Amber, Anouk, Sheila & Casper

By Sheila and/or Amber, May 6 2017 03:38AM

It has been a little while since our last blog post, and quite a lot has happened!

Tuk-Tuk Anouk has a new swimsuit collection (more on that in our next post)

we have a beautiful collaboration with the wonderful Faircloth & Supply in California (more on that coming up too), we are now available in new locations in Kuwait, Australia and Italy (as well as our stalwart locations!), we will be travelling around the USA this summer with our new company Three Ring Martket AND owner Amber has illustrated a childrens book that is out now!

Have a look, it is written by the lovely Allison Weaver and her two daughters Oona and Leggy, all about magic and the power of imagination.

More hard copies will be available soon, you can currently buy the ebook on!

Three Moms and the Magical Manny by Alison Weaver, illustrated by Amber Grey!

Oona and Leggy, published authors in Tuk-Tuk Anouk. Photo by Sally Cohn
Oona and Leggy, published authors in Tuk-Tuk Anouk. Photo by Sally Cohn

By Sheila and/or Amber, Jan 30 2017 04:16AM

We have been off traveling this past forthnight without our phones and computers as we either smashed them accidentally or lost interest in them temporarily, so apologize to all our clients and customers trying to get in touch!

We are opening our new shop imminently as well as a few more very exciting projects coming soon too!

And this March Tuk-Tuk Anouk and co. will be doing a very long train journey with some beautiful compatriots: sourcing gems, fabric and artists before we head to our new home in May!

Anyone in New York can go see Miss Sheila at her other home for the last eight months at ABC Carpet and buy some unbelievable treasures!

Happy 2017 everyone xx

My human birthday candle
My human birthday candle

By Sheila and/or Amber, Dec 13 2016 04:15PM

Seasons Greetings!

We usually have our online shop up for Christmas, but fortunately (unfortunately?!) we have run out of stock!

You can find Tuk-Tuk Anouk in our usual stockists listed on the website, and most recently we have branched out to Australia, restocked Jaipur, and can be found in many locations in Goa!

Before she and Anouk head out of India, Amber will be at the infamous Wednesday Market in Anjuna tomorrow with the last of our Poppy Jackets, and you can find Tuk-Tuk Anouk online at the wonderful Indigo Babe (

In Goa you can check out the wonderful Paper Boat Collective in Sangolda, Sacha´s Shop in Panjim, Rangeela´s in Calangute, and soon in Tia´s Shop in Anjuna, and La Muella in various locations around Goa!

If you are in Rajasthan, we just restocked the beautiful Hot Pink in Jaipur and Hot Pink Jodhpur.

Some special pieces are also heading to a new location in New York for Christmas, as well as our stalwart stockists in and around the USA! Do check out our beautiful friend Jordan's shop in California, Trouble in Paradise, which is carrying some beautiful jackets for winter as well as our summer pieces.

We hope you have a lovely Christmas and look out for a list of new stockists coming next year!

Merry Christmas from all of us at Tuk-Tuk Anouk!
Merry Christmas from all of us at Tuk-Tuk Anouk!
Sacha's Shop in Panjim
Sacha's Shop in Panjim
Rangeela in Calangute
Rangeela in Calangute
Hot Pink in Jaipur
Hot Pink in Jaipur
Paper Boat in Sangolda
Paper Boat in Sangolda
Indigo Babe in Australia
Indigo Babe in Australia
Jordan at her shop Trouble in Paradise
Jordan at her shop Trouble in Paradise

By Sheila and/or Amber, Nov 1 2016 02:44PM

We took Anouk and Miss. Zoe trick or treating around Goa this weekend and it was unbeleivable how wonderful and generous everyone was, especially considering how Halloweeen, let alone trick or treating, was a completely foreign concept to most of the houses, churches, shops, florists, libraries and motorbike repair centres we visited....

Here is a little journal of our two days!

Starting in Arpora Junction

Beautiful Panjim with the sugar skull girls

Trick or treating the nuns......

Trick or treating the motorbike shack in Panjim

Lovely girls having a break in Panjim Inn

This fruit man was particularly entertained and gave us some lovely oranges......

Trick or treating the tuk tuks in Panjim

Trick or treating a book shop in Panjim

Anouk getting ready on the second day

Trip to the beach to wash off!

Plenty of cashews for Halloween treats!

Tattoo shop gave us 50 rupees!

Got given some marigolds from this lovely garden center

Assagao Church

Trick or treating this man, who had no idea what was going on but very sweetly gave us some sweets

Anouk not happy about the ten rupees Zoe got at this Assagao antique shop..

Trick or treating another little shack shop...

This lovely lady didnt have any sweeties but gave Anouk a bite of her chocolate cake!

This fisherman gave us a fish....

Happy Halloween Everyone!

By Sheila and/or Amber, Oct 13 2016 02:30PM

I wrote this a little while ago for Uncle Adam, now its for Mr. Adam Rogers because I misplaced the most dapper (dapperist?) man in London´s handkerchief. So as a place holder here is a story!

Amber xx

The wig Worm

The Wig Worm works on Saville Row, 

He has the Midas Touch, 

For any head accouterments,

And gels and sprays and such

For Leroy's balding pate he made 

A splendid glowing crown

Of silky ocean seaweed hairs 

Of blue and black and brown

For Ronda's birthday party suit

He ordered fresh from France

Forty snails in every color 

Who on command would dance

His fame across the land did spread

For bouffants, quiffs and bobs, 

The wig worm is the only man! 

He’s always on the job! 

And then one day the shop bell rang 

A very merry tring! 

And in swept in the majestic pair

Of England's Queen and King

Oh Wig Worm! Sir! We come to you! 

Our heads need your attention

the biggest gala in the world! 

We need a wig invention! 

The wig worm bowed a noble bow,

And pulled out his tape measure

And wrapping round their royal brows

He whispered -it is my pleasure- 

But as soon as little wig worm sat 

He clutched his head in shock

He had developed from the pressure

The dreaded worm wig block! 

Oh what to do! Im simply stumped! 

His face dropped in despair 

With all this stress! I am a mess! 

Im pulling out my hair! 

Cecilia his trusty aid

Hearing his gloomy wail

Dusted off the time machine 

And prepared them to set sail

Fiddling with the time dial

She set 1701

¨well sort your little wig worm block!

And maybe have some fun!

the court of louis 14th!

the greatest wig formation!

Look about, without a doubt!

You'll find your inspiration!

And Wig worm with a heady grin

Almost fainted with the glee

Wigs and wiggles, perukes and plumes

As far as the eye could see

He waltzed right through the court

Taking in the scene

of powders, tufts and delightful ruffs

And everything in between

And day and night for two whole weeks

He sketched a built and made 

The most glorious of all his wigs

Shellacked in gold pomade

The Kings was crafted in the thread 

Of silk worms fed on tea

With owls to sing out every hour

In silver filigree

Upon the top was sat a rose

That wafted round the room

The smells of english gardens 

And summer in full bloom

The queens was made of diamond curls

And sunny daffodils

coated in blue robins eggs 

And peacock feather quills

With chandeliers filled with lights 

That twinkled like the stars 

And shot out little fire flies 

That lit the mens cigars 

And macaroons in every shade

Of pastel green and blue 

That fluttered round the palace grounds 

and fed the children too

Oh Wig Worm! Cried the queen aloud

We are just so delighted

The king pulled out his royal sword

Kneel Wig worm! To be knighted!

By Sheila and/or Amber, Oct 4 2016 05:07PM


Ive been working at Welfare for Animals in Goa for the past week or so, and it is the most magical place with true heart, grit and direction.

There are puppies, dogs, kittens and cats, but also: cows, calves, snakes, goats, turkeys, chickens, chicks, owlets and civets, and even a one armed monkey called Sweetie.

Welfare for Animals in Goa, or WAG,is a project of real dedication and love of Atul Sarin, who is as focused on the welfare of the sick, injured and rescued animals he personally cares for, as he is to educating the public and creating positive solutions to animal suffering in India.

Not only does he take in every type of animal he can, he runs a professional vetinary clinic and steralisation center as well as workshops over Goa and volunteer opportunities.

The center is very different from every other place I have visited in India; every cow, dog and cat I met on my first meeting was incredibly friendly and sweet and placed in loving homes when the time comes with a caring follow up for their health and well being. I walked in to Atul´s house and was greated by a sea of his own personal rescues, who swamped me on the couch with a purring cat nestled in the middle.

So! If you feel like donating to this wonderful place you will be rewarded by the warm glow of altruism and also!

To Donate please visit this page:

Donation Page

$5 to $20 - a personal thank you letter from myself or Anouk, listing your greatest qualities, or thoughts on whatever you would like

$20 to $50 - a personal thank you letter and a signed photo of your helped animal

$50 to $100 - a personal thank you letter, a signed photo of your helped animal, and a gift from Tuk-Tuk Anouk

$100 to $200 - a personal thank you letter, a signed photo of your helped animal, a gift from Tuk-Tuk Anouk, a style from next season named after you which you will then receive in the mail

$200 to $400 - a personal thank you letter, a signed photo of your helped animal, a gift from Tuk-Tuk Anouk, a style from next season named after you which you will then receive in the mail, a personal story written by myself and sent to you

$400 upwards- all of the above and anything else you want, Ill give you a tattoo or get your named tattoo on me and/or so on and so forth...

Also 15% of our profits from this season are being donated to WAG, so feel free to buy whatever you like and be a champion of the Goan animals!

Click here to Donate!

Thank you!

Amber x

Atul and some of the rescued cows
Atul and some of the rescued cows
Ossie the Owl
Ossie the Owl
Anouk and the pups
Anouk and the pups
The littlest calf and I
The littlest calf and I

By Sheila and/or Amber, Sep 23 2016 06:06PM

Ambers in Goa busy with some new projects and writing new stories!

Heres a little one from the summer


Pocket sat and pocket slept 

And pocket wouldn't play

When all the other children came

Pocket could only to say

The games are tiring  My legs are sore

The grass is much too green

The Suns too hot the sky too blue 

The trees are just obscene

Pockets mum and pockets dad

Despaired at what to do 

Pocket just sits! He only sleeps! 

He's always got the flu

Pocket wailed out the window

Can't stand this prickly heat! 

And sat inside the fridge for hours 

Without a bite to eat

Then pockets mum and pockets dad 

Called up their uncle Diction 

Explaining the predicament

Of young pockets affliction 

Leave it to me dear uncle said 

And hummed a merry tune 

And from the trunk inside his bunk

Produced an air balloon 

We must set sail  my sullen lad

He said scooping up young pocket 

The wind picked up and lifting up 

They shot off like a rocket

It's going too fast! It's far too bright 

Young pocket cried aloud 

The ground is spinning out from me 

We're going to hit a cloud! 

I'm far too hot! The balloon will drop! 

As the fields went whizzing by

 past oceans, lands and bits of sand 

They flew across the sky

And gently stopped upon a rock 

As pocket blinked his eyes

The cold in the air just made him stare 

And my what a surprise! 

Nothing but white from here to there

From up to down to up, 

The air was crackling with the ice 

That covered every top 

What do you think my dearest lad

Uncle diction quietly asked 

It's quite alright pocket replied, 

As a polar bear strolled passed 

An man in fur came quietly up 

And took pocket by the hand 

And out the ballon he hopped

To explore the South Pole land 

Inside his house made of ice bricks

They dined on roasted fish 

And drank hot tea and buttered toast 

A most delicious dish 

And for the first time ever 

Amidst that icy wild 

Young pocket felt quite warm inside 

And finally he smiled

You see, said uncle to the young boy

Its really quite insane!

When you dont like your little life

To sit there and complain!

The world is full of magic lad

Theres places just for you!

Just step outside to see it all

Its the only thing to do!

By Sheila and/or Amber, Sep 15 2016 02:14PM

We are now in Goa for the autumn, and will be restocking our online shop and Asian and Australian shops imminently!

Have a lovely end of summer wherever you are...

Amber & Anouk

By Sheila and/or Amber, Sep 13 2016 04:15AM

Ambers got another one finished! Have a look if you so please.....

Mr Pickles

Mr. Pickles was a gent who lived in a tree

A happy old soul, as happy as can be

With the mushroom stair case and the twizzle oak door

The acorn cup goblets, the springy moss floor

The fresh river bath and the starlight star lights

The dandelion clocks for the days and the nights

The hedgehog tea parties, the owl midnight feasts,

The constant companions of the birds and the beasts

But one day the bluebell doorbell rang out

And there stood a warden, so round and so stout

MR PICKLES, he bellowed, adjusting his tie

Its no way to live, you're a pig in a sty!

You need an apartment, you need a tv!

Internet shopping! A door with a key!

Microwave dinners! Convenience my friend!

This silly tree house life must surely now end!

And Mr Pickles, shocked, sat and pondered the words,

And looked sadly at all his beasts and his birds.

Is it true? he whispered, Do I need a laptop?

A blender, an iron, a self cleaning mop?

So he walked into town, and the townspeople snickered,

They scoffed and they whispered ´thats no city slicker! ´

You don't have a foot spa? A robot vacuum?

You don't have a hovercraft between every room?

You need these catalogs, coupons and savings!

To form the life you must be desperately craving!

TV Guides, Satalites, and subscriptions arrived,

Mr Pickles was shocked! Ive been so deprived!

Shoo Badger! Im busy! Out the door and be gone!

Its five minutes to seven, my soap operas on!

The popcorn maker popped out his treats

As Mr. pickles stacked up his gadget receipts

Money buys happiness! Im sure he said that!

As Mr PIckles adjsusted his electric tie rack

So why am I sad? And alone?! He pondered

Where is the wonderful life I have squandered?

And setting down his unversal tv remote

He cancelled the order for his super speedboat

And returning the tickets of the cruise around France

And the new credit card with the great cash advance

He unplugged the lamps and the new glimmer strings,

And tossed out the tools, the things! All the THINGS!

He threw out the mobile and drained out the pool

What a fool I have been! What an absolute fool!

His house was now empty of all the new goods,

So he whistled out loud for his friends of the woods

And up the path came the foxes, singing away,

The squirrels behind who were dancing ballet

The dormice were leaping away in the middle

Them up came badger, strumming a fiddle

The peregrine falcons dropped in for a spell

The mountain cats wildly playing the cowbell

Out came the oat cakes and the birch tree root beer

And little owl stood up and said with a cheer!

Mr Pickles our friend! You did lose your way!

To the modern convenience of doing nothing all day!

You're a jolly good fellow! He hiccuped out loud

You've thrown out your beeper, you've done us all proud!

You dont need the gizmos and bits and the bobs,

But the cheer of your friends and good food in your gob!

Mr Pickles softly laughed as the owl toppled over,

And sipping a drop of his draught of sweet clover,

Thank you Owl, for your beautiul words,

You are the most eloqunat of all of the birds!

And thank you my dears, for all coming back!

It turns out I ws taken completely off track!

I dont need the gizmos, the gadgets, the bits,

The soaps and the boats and the trendy outfits,

Just the simple pleasures of my tree and the sun,

And you, my friends, who just can't be outdone!

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